Muscle activation uses a system of reflexes throughout the body that awakens muscles by stimulating the neural and lymphatic systems. The muscles can then function at their maximum potential in strength, power, endurance and flexibility within the kinetic chain. The application range from great gains, rehabilitation and improved sports performance, but also correction of compensatory patterns and release of tight structures throughout the body that cause pain and dysfunction.

How it works?

The body can be compared to an electrical system just like any other, when it overloaded a fuse blows. When we correct the blown fuse the body is then fixed and can work at its maximum potential.

Muscle activation is effective in the following situations:

Part of an injury rehabilitation program
Part of sports performance programs at any level
Part of everyday life

Postural limitation, previous injury, high stress / anxiety levels, faulty breathing mechanics, activities that we are involved in everyday life can lead to compensatory patterns in the body. These patterns create a snowball effect of muscles throughout the body, that are not performing their specific role in the body. This means that other muscles will have to perform the role of these muscles. These compensations reduce the ability of the body. This means other muscles will have to perform the role of these muscles. These compensations reduce the ability of the body to function at its highest effectiveness and ultimately increase the risk of injury and reduce performance.

Muscle activation creates greater structural integrity in the body, allowing it to function at higher levels of strength, power, flexibility, endurance, speed, balance and coordination. By increasing the body’s ability to perform we also reduce the risk of injury. The results are both immediate and measurable, this means that we can do a test, add intervention and retest immediately see/feel positive results.

Principles of muscle activation

  • When you are defending you cannot be performing
  • What is in the mind is in the body
  • What is in the body is in the mind
  • When we connect the mind to the muscle the body shifts

If you are experiencing pain, can’t overcome an injury, are stuck in a plateau, looking to improve sports performance or generally increase your body’s function Limitless Mind Body would love to support you by any means possible on your journey.